A hot bath or shower is such a pleasure, washing away as it does the grime and stress of daily life. That means few things are as miserable as turning on your tap and being greeting by a lukewarm or cold dribble. At such times you need fast hot water service repair. Sydney based Hot Water System Repairs is ready to help any time of day or night.

Here are some of the major problems you can have with your hot water system that our same day hot water repair service can fix

Inadequate heat

If your tap gushes tepid or cold water, check the pilot light if you use gas. The solution could be as simple as relighting it. Another possible cause is a faulty thermostat. More seriously, the problem with your hot water service could be a faulty heating element or other structural issues in the system. You need to call in an experienced plumber to help you with this issue.

 Disturbing Noises

Worrying sounds emerging from your tank or pipes should be a cause of concern. These sounds include banging, rattling or whistling. They could indicate anything from excess sediment in the tank to defective heating elements. In any event, it’s wise to call in the professionals immediately.

Leaking Tank or Pipes

Leaks can be sometimes hard to spot. If you’ve noticed an unexplained rise in your water bill or a musty odour near your pipes or tank, that’s a likely indicator of leakage. It’s something you want to deal with as quickly as possible.

It could be as simple as sealing up the leak. However, if your system is badly affected with rust, or just plain run down, replacement could be the best option. That way you’ll get the most modern and energy efficient water heater and years of trouble-free service ahead.

If your gas or electrical hot water system is too old or badly run down, you may decide that replacement is the better option. Whatever you decide, we at Hot Water System Repairs can give you honest hot water repair advice, impeccable service and products of the highest quality.

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