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RHEEM ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS – Rheem 491 & 492 series -> 250, 315, 400L (Formerly called Rheem Optima)

The Rheem 491 and 492 series hot water heater is latest version of the top of the line in the Rheem electric hot water system range. These Rheem 491 and 492 hot water systems offer you a full 12-year cylinder warranty. This represents a big improvement in the warranties offered compared to the previous Rheem Optima (10 years) and the Rheemglas (5 years). This has been possible due to big improvements in quality and production methods, keeping the Rheem at the very top of the hot water market.

This larger Rheem 491 and 492 range starts at 250 litres, then goes to 315 litres and finishes off at the largest size of 400 litres – all three sizes are perfect for off peak heating that will save you money. These Rheem 491 and 492 water heaters come in either a single or twin element, allowing for you to choose the tank that is most suitable for your household’s hot water needs. The Single element tanks come in model numbers: 491250, 491315 and 491400, whereas the Twin element tanks come in model numbers : 492250, 492315 and 492400.

Formerly the Rheem Optima range, with its 10 year cylinder warranty, also came in both Single element and Twin element options. Single Element models were 411250, 411315 and 411400 whereas Twin Element models were 462250, 462315 and 462400. The larger sizes also came in 250 Litre, 315 Litre and 400 Litre tanks. A lesser 5 year warranty range for these larger tank sizes was called Rheemglas. These previous 5 year Rheemglas water heaters had model numbers for Single element of 111250, 111315 and 111400, whereas the Twin element tanks were 162250, 162315 and 162400.
These 2 former ranges, the Rheem Optima and the Rheemglas were later discontinued and superseded by the 491 series (the single element tanks) and the 492 series (the twin element tanks). Both 491 and 492 series cylinder warranties were later extended to a 12 years warranty.

Rheem 491 and 492 series (250L, 315L & 400 Litres) – Features:


Rheem 491 & 492 series (250, 315 and 400 Litres) :

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