Electric Hot Water System Repairs
Electric Hot Water System Repairs
Electric Rheem Hot Water

Electric hot water system with storage tanks:

The electric storage tanks are very similar to the gas hot water storage systems. Usually, water is stored in the heater and it is heated on demand. There are mainly two types of water heaters, one of them is a storage water heater and the other one is called an instantaneous water heater. The storage electric hot water heater collects water inside it and once the heater is switched on begins the heating process, then slowly the water level increases and it is emptied off when the tap is turned on. The presence of a thermostat makes it safer to use as it regulates the temperature & pressure within the water heater system.
Instantaneous Electric Hot water system:
Instantaneous electric hot water system gives you instant hot water as the name suggests. This tank gives you water the moment you switch on the heater without the requirement of a storage tank hence also known as tankless water heaters. The heat exchanger in the water heater system heats up the water on demand. This kind of water heater system doesn’t need a storage tank and when the hot water tap is turned on, the cold water feeds into the tankless hot water system to instantly create hot water. In Australia, this hot water system is very popular as it provides instant hot water the minute any hot water tap is turned on. These can be easily maintained by our hot water specialists. To know more please call one our electric hot water system specialists on 02 9053 9260.
Electric Heat Pump Hot water system:
The electric heat pump hot water system is another type of electric water heater that transfers heat from the air surrounding tank to the storage tank itself . This type of tank doesn’t use much electricity to work compared to the conventional electric hot water heaters. This tank makes use of the air surrounding the tank as its main source of energy. The warmer the air the less electricity is required to heat the water which is the main reason why these work better in warmer regions but they can still work in colder areas where the temperature is as low as -5 degrees. The area where this kind of heater is installed should have a large volume of air around it. These electric heat pump systems can also help you to reduce electricity bills as well.
Electric Boosted Solar Hot water system:
Electric boosted solar water system derives heat from the sun. They take power from electricity at times when the sun is not up in the sky. The electricity as used as the backup source of energy to heat up the water.
What facts should be considered before buying an electric water heater system?
There are many different kinds of heating systems available in the Australian market. You can choose one according to the usage and size of your house.
Electric hot water system repairs and installation
There are so many electric hot water system repair experts available in your nearby areas but not all are reliable like Hot Water System experts at Hot Water System Repairs. Importantly, electric hot water systems must be installed by a reputable and experienced hot water specialist company, Hot Water System Repairs being the right choice with over 30 years of hot water experience. Call us now and we will visit your premises the same day to fix it right away. We are available 7 days a week so contact us now. One of our hot water specialist will come to your rescue whenever you require one to replace, repair or install an electric hot water system. Please call Hot Water System Repairs on 02 9053 9260– we are available to take your phone call 7 days a week and ready to give you the best, expert advice.
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