Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems

Do you need repair or replace your Electric Hot Water System? 

Repairing or servicing your electric hot water system should be done on a regular basis and by a hot water specialist. 

Electric Hot Water Systems are very popular in Australia, as they’re clean and energy efficient. They’re also easy to maintain and fix.

When considering buying a Electric Hot Water Systems you have the following types: 

Electric Hot Water Systems - Storage Tanks

This is the traditional method for domestic hot water heating. It involves continuously heating water in a storage tank controlled by a thermostat. It’s convenient as you always have hot water on tap. However, it requires a flue to let smoke out of the building. Moreover, you need to replace the tank every so often, which is a costly procedure.

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems

Also known as demand heaters, these are tankless systems that heat water when required. This makes them the most economical as they only work when they’re needed. Another big advantage is that you don’t need a storage tank. Despite the name, you may not get instantaneous water out of your taps, as it has to pass through cold pipes to get there.

Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

A recirculating system features a pump that keeps water constantly moving through the system. This means you piping hot water on tap at all times, including first thing in the morning. When you run a bath, you don’t have let the cold water to run out first. It’s hot from the start. To optmise its use and keep your bills as low as possible, you can use a timer to control when the unit runs. You can set it to switch on early in the morning, for example, so you have plenty of hot water when you get up.

Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

Increasingly popular in these eco-friendly times, these use electric power as a default with gas supplying back up for cloudy days or if more hot water is needed. Of course, you have to make the initial investment in Electric panels. However, these systems offer the benefit of free energy from the sun together with an assured supply of hot water on dark winter days.

When shopping for Electric Hot Water Systems, be sure to choose a reputable brand.

Your choice of specific model is determined by your planned usage and various preferences. obviously the larger your family, the higher capacity of storage tank you’ll require. For most homes, a 40-gallon tank is usually ample.

If you’re planning on installing or upgrading a Electric Hot Water Systems, get in touch with Sydney experts Hot Water System Repairs. We stock leading brands and can offer expert advice to ensure you get your ideal system from the start.

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