Rheemglas Range

RHEEM ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS – Compact + Electric 50L,80L,125L,160L (Formerly called Rheemglas)

The smaller Rheem Electric water heaters start with the 25 Litre and 47 Litre tanks, known as the “Rheem Compact”. These Rheem Compact tanks are called as such because they are designed to fit in small. Tight, compact areas – often under a kitchen bench.

Next in size come the Rheem Electric 50 Litre storage water heater, often found in the kitchen, laundry, hallway cupboard or bedroom cupboard in apartments. They are 25mm taller (at 695mm high) than the 47 Litre Rheem Compact (which is only 670mm tall). Both units are 400mm diameter. The Rheem Compact 191045 and the Rheem 191050 both come with a 7-year cylinder warranty. This is a significant improvement from the original 111050 unit which only came with a 5-year warranty. Better construction and improved manufacturing have allowed for this longer cylinder warranty.

The smaller Rheem Electric water heater range is completed with the 80 Litre (491080), 125 Litre (491125) and the 160 Litre (491160). These are more likely to be found inside an apartment, villa or townhouse where space or needs don’t allow for the bigger 250, 315 or 400 Litre tanks. Each of these 491 series smaller tanks come with a longer 12-year cylinder warranty. Again these 491 series units enjoy a longer warranty than their predecessors (the Rheemglas 111080, 111125 and 111160) which originally only had a 5-year warranty. Better insulation, cylinder construction and production methods have allowed for this generous industry leading cylinder warranty.

This smaller range, with its many different capacities, has one size to suit any household. The smaller capacity Rheem electric hot water systems are designed for limited space / restricted space installations (Rheem Compact 25L + Compact 47L or the 50L and even the 80L). Whereas the Rheem 125 litre model is a mid-sized unit. The next larger capacity model 160 litre is the first size that can be used in conjunction with off peak energy tariffs that will help you to save money on your electricity bills.

Rheem Compact 25L & 47L and Rheem 50 Litres – Features:

Rheem 80L, 125L & 160 Litres – Features


Small Rheem Compact & Electric (25, 47 & 50 Litres) :


Large Rheem Electric (80, 125, & 160 Litres):

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