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We are a Sydney based plumbing and electrical company, specialising in hot water system repairs – supply, installation, fixes and part replacements (e.g. heat pumps, electric, gas, solar).

We have been serving Australian homes and offices for over 25 years, and pride ourselves on continually providing first-class solar hot water system solutions. Other hot water services we offer include: the clearing of blocked drains, the repair or replacement of broken pipes, toilets, taps and showers, as well as electric and gas.

Our highly skilled and friendly team consists of fully licensed plumbers and electricans who are in their respective fields. Rely on us to deliver fast, efficient, same day service 24/7.


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How much does it cost to repair a Hot Water System?

Price is dependent on your existing hot water unit. If your gas or electrical hot water heater is too old or badly run down, you may decide that a hot water heater replacement is the better option. We will give you honest advice, impeccable service, quality products and a fair price.

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If you’re in need of installing, upgrading or repairing your source of hot water, we can handle all your needs right around the clock.

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Common problems with Hot Water Systems

Your thermostat is a key part of the system. It works to ensure the water temperature stays at the level you determine. Failure takes many forms. It can simply stop working but this is easily diagnosed and fixed. However sometimes the thermostat can get stuck into a high setting. The result is that your water is almost scalding hot. It sounds nice until you get your gas bill.

If you have an electrical heating system, many things can go wrong. The simplest is a blow fuse or circuit breaker. More serious problems include burnt out heater elements. In such cases, water heater replacement is the only option.

This can be one of the more costly types of hot water repair in Sydney as replacement may well be needed. Tanks wear out over time due to corrosion and rusting. One of the earlier signs will be sediment forming at the bottom. This might impact its heating performance and also cause a bad smell. Other effects of sediment can be a popping or high-pitched whining noise from the tank. If you experience any of these symptoms, get on the phone to us immediately.

For all your hot water system repairs Sydney, rely on our professional plumbing experts who are on call 24/7.

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